Walk in Confidence


Top: Zara Skirt: Vêtu de Joy Shoes: Thrifted

Photographer: Denisse Benitez


For a long time, I've allowed myself to watch others live their dreams, while not having the full confidence to walk towards my own. I cheered my friends on in careers from music to marketing, watched my husband sacrifice, push & challenge himself, all while letting my own dreams slip by.

Launching Vêtu de Joy wasn't my only goal. While obviously I love dressing myself well, something else I'm passionate about is dressing others. Styling is another dream of mine that I've sat on for years because of fear, others' perceptions, just pure silliness. All things made up in my own mind.

So, here I am again, finally walking in my purpose, and walking in confidence. Sharing my gift of style with you all, I hope you enjoy!


I love the creativity it takes to mix prints. It's something I've been doing since my late teenage years, because at the time, NO ONE else on the South Side of Chicago was wearing their clothes this way. It's been so long that it really is second nature to me. This polka dot ZARA top was almost a no-brainer to pair with the Hold On Skirt from my shop (Vétu de Joy). I found these J.Crew pumps at a local second hand shop in Brooklyn for around $18, and figured... why not throw on a 3rd print? Can't hurt, right?

Why do these prints work together? Instead of focusing on the print, look at the two pieces as the main colors. For this exercise, the top is black & the skirt is red. One of the easiest tips to remember when mixing prints is matching colors, not prints.  Red & black - those colors match, right? Of course they do! But there's a second tip here: treat polka dots & stripes (leopard print too!) as neutrals. Especially when they're black and white, these prints can be paired with anything!

Give it a whirl, and let me know how you make out. ;-)