About me

Hey, hey - I’m Mikaela, a style-loving wife & mom with a passport full of stamps and a suitcase half-packed, ready to go on my next adventure.


You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.

-Edith Head



I’m sure it’s quite obvious that I love all things fashion and style. I love everything from well-known high end designers to the every day brands we shop all the time to the unknown up and comers. Prints and colors are my jam and I love experimenting with print mixing and unconventional color combinations!



I had always dreamed about having a loving family of my own, raising children in Brooklyn with a supportive and equally creative husband. My dream came true when I met the love of my life, Dre, in a club (yep, you read that right!) one Saturday night in December of 2009. We’ve created a wonderful life with two beautiful children.



My love of travel was instilled in me early on thanks to the many road trips my father took us on growing up. Though we mostly travel by air these days, I’m always dreaming about the next destination and roping my husband and kids in (and often times my girlfriends) on my adventures around the world.

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