No Boring Knits


By now, it's pretty safe to say that you all know I don't do boring. There's always a pop of something, somewhere. Sweaters are no different! It's not always easy to find a dope knit that isn't *too* out there in color/style, but I've managed to find that balance in this sweater by Ecru Lab (and lucky for you, I found some for the shop, scroll down for the link to pre-order).

Most times, before I shoot a look, I'll try it on at home and run it by my style adviser (aka husband) to see what he thinks. He usually tells me there are too many colors or prints, which lets me know I've done something right. HA! This sweater felt a little too boring (yes, even with the loop-knit statement shoulders) without something underneath, so I added the extra touch of a striped blouse. To me? PERFECT! To him? Too much. LOL. But I think it worked pretty ok, don't you?


Don't be afraid to be a little daring, show up and stand out. Your style is your statement to the world about how you view yourself, so say something amazing!


Sweater: Ecru Lab (Available here) Jeans: Elizabeth & James Shoes: Sam Edelmen Photographer: Denisse Benitez

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