I fell in love with the BOSSMOMNATION movement as soon as I stumbled on their IG feed. With a motto of "Motherhood looks good on you," it was something that truly resonated with me. When I was a new mom, I often worried about the outward appearance of my mothering. Did I look like I knew what I was doing? Did I look like a good mom*? (*What does a good mom even look like??)

As the years went by (my baby is THREE, y'all! *cries*), I've realized that it doesn't matter what I look like to anyone else, as long as my son is happy, healthy and thriving! Those things made me realize that no matter what I look like to anyone else, motherhood DOES look good on me! And the tee is dope.

I paired the graphic tee with a pair of velvet paisley printed pants from Zara (old) and a camo jacket from F21...because, prints! In this instance, if you've read my previous post, How to Mix Prints Like A Pro, then you'll know that I'm following Rule #2 - Consider Strips & Leopard (AND CAMO!) as neutrals. These particular prints can be worn with any other prints and act as a neutral (like black, white, grey) in your outfit.