Adding Color to your Work Wardrobe


Not all of us (including me) have jobs where we can wear whatever we want to work. Although my company is pretty relaxed in its dress code, I still like to wear dresses and skirts on a regular basis. Of course you know I’m all about color, so I always infuse color in my everyday outfits - whether it’s a colorfully printed blouse or a bold dress.


I’m all about being able to wear my pieces multiple ways, so suit separates are perfect to kill 2 birds with one stone. A colorful blazer and matching pair of pants can be worn so many different ways. From switching out the shirt underneath (graphic tee, printed blouse, cami) to wearing the blazer with a pair of jeans or a dress - there are so many options!


Obviously, I love the skirt + blazer combo, and if you work in a more conservative office environment, perhaps you don’t want to go too crazy with color, but appreciate a chic print that won’t go too overboard. Try something like this H&M skirt with a simple v-neck blouse and white blazer. And as always, every single one of these pieces can be worn multiple times, in multiple ways. Throw in a tee with the skirt for a casual look, the blouse and blazer with a pair of jeans and heels… the options are endless!