Your Guide to Summer Stripes


Stripes are Bae.

So I’m rounding up all the stripes you should buy this summer!

The thing about stripes is that you can either go really subtle or really LOUD! There’s not much in between. What I love most about stripes though, is that, for the most part, they can be worn with any other print, because they act as a neutral. The most versatile piece you can have in your closet is a striped blouse - why? It can be worn in the summer, in the fall, in the winter - with jeans, with solid color pants, with printed pants, with shorts, a skirt… you get the idea.

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite striped pieces for the summer below. From dresses to bathing suits, everything below is something I either am buying or want to buy for the season!

Mikaela PabonComment