Is your style snooze-worthy?

Mikaela Pop Up NYC3_preview.jpeg

We've all had those days where finding the perfect outfit just isn't at the top of the list. I know I have! But if you're having more of those days than stylish ones, you might have snooze-worthy style. Here are a few tips to help wake your style up:

1. Get rid of ill-fitting clothing. Whether too small or too big, when you're wearing clothing that doesn't fit, it's an automatic signal to the world that you don't care about your appearance. It takes a major toll on your style and can even take a toll on how you view yourself! In order to feel good about what we're wearing, we need to feel good IN the clothing. Wearing clothes that fit your body perfectly is one way to achieve this. 

2. All basics = boring, boring, BORRRINNNG. Yes, we all need some basics (I will cover a list of basics you need in your closet in a future post), but if your closet is full of them, that's a surefire way to start a snooze-fest. Plain jeans, plain tshirts, plain shoes, no accessories, no color, no FUN. Try buying a striped blazer instead of another black one. Or a pair of mustard yellow pumps instead of nude. You'd be surprised how simply adding a little color (even if it's just a red lip!) can change your entire look.


3. Take a fashion risk. Fear keeps us from doing so much. No one *wants* to be boring, right? And it can be quite terrifying to think about "failing" at style. Not picking the right colors or not pairing the right pieces together. That fear can be paralyzing and force us into the land of basics and neutral colors, where you remain unnoticed. Even if it's just once, take a risk. Wear that red blouse! And guess what? If it doesn't work or if you get some snide remarks from someone, it was just one day. You can regroup and try again when you're ready.

Whether we have the desire to stand out but just aren't sure where to start, or we would rather blend in, there are still ways to look your best without being boring. If you have the aspiration to step out of your comfort zone, but aren't quite sure how to, let's chat! I can help pull you out of that style slump.