Pabon: Party of 5 + The First Trimester


I've been wanting a second child (third for my husband) for quite some time now, and I'm so excited to announce that we will become a family of 5 in January of next year! I'm currently 16 weeks along, and (finally) into my second trimester of pregnancy.


I know these fab pictures make pregnancy look like it's been treating me well (y'all know I'm extra and couldn't just post any ole pics to announce!), but it's actually been a pretty rough few months - physically and emotionally. Between the constant nausea and my inability to keep all my food down, in addition to the work travel and being a wife & toddler mom, let me tell you: this pregnancy certainly hasn't been all rainbows and sunshine. Some days I've cried myself to sleep, because I felt so terrible and had no relief. Not to mention, having experienced a loss in the past, those first several weeks of pregnancy are filled with a mix of excitement and pure fear. Fear of getting *too* excited, fear of telling too many people, fear that it won't last...

Don't get me wrong, I am EXTREMELY happy and excited about this new blessing! Especially now that I've reached the second trimester, and I'm feeling a bit better and more energized, I've heard the baby's heartbeat and seen all kinds of movements on the ultrasounds. The fear is starting to subside, and my excitement level is starting to rise.

Every day, I rub my belly with pure joy in my heart, thinking about the squishy baby we'll be holding in about 5.5 months. Both Christian and Chloe are beaming with excitement about getting another sibling and I couldn't have asked for a better partner and support system than my husband. Although Dre may not fully understand all that I'm feeling, he's done his best to give me the time I need to rest, make sure the house is clean & stocked with apples + peanut butter (at all times!), and even rub my feet unsolicited. I love this man, y'all. I love my family!


Part of my reason for sharing these images along with how I'd been feeling during my first trimester is to remain real with my readers. I don't want you to see the stylish photos I post and think this is/has been easy. The other element of this is to show that as a pregnant woman, you can still be stylish, boring maternity clothes aren't always a necessity (this dress is from Zara), and we can still pull ourselves together to look and feel beautiful - in whatever way we choose!

With that being said, I plan to share lots more of my pregnancy style, whether it's an outfit for work, date night or a family day at the park, so I hope you'll follow along and be inspired to be Dressed in Joy.