Rent the Runway: My Print Heaven

All photography by:  Taylor Baldwin   Top:  Hunter Bell  Skirt:  Delfi Collective  Shoes:  Jimmy Choo

All photography by: Taylor Baldwin

Top: Hunter Bell
Skirt: Delfi Collective
Shoes: Jimmy Choo

I’m pretty consistent when it comes to my love of color and prints, and having SO MANY amazing options at my fingertips with Rent the Runway has been both a blessing and a curse! There is always so much I want to rent and my favorites folders are over flowing (more on that in a later post). I’ve been a stan for both Delfi Collective & Hunter Bell (I was >< this close to having Hunter Bell in my shop a few years ago!) for quite a while now, so when I found these pieces on RTR, I was super excited! The mixed florals on the skirt, the vibrant green of the blouse… a match made in heaven for me.

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The JOY of dressing is an art
— John Galliano

Why these prints work well together…

If you remember from my How to Mix Prints like a Pro blog post, my #1 tip was to match colors instead of prints. Green is one of those colors that can pretty much be paired with any other color, which came in handy for this look because this skirt has so many different colors in it. There is also a bit of green (although a different color) in the skirt, but the primary colors (the colors that stand out most) in the skirt are pink and red. So using my tip, pink and green match well (shoutout to all my AKA friends!) and red and green go well together too. So while I never got to see them together, up close, prior to putting this outfit together, I just KNEW this look would hit.

I know, you’re probably thinking… “but Mikaela, it comes so easily to you, I could never do that!” And I have 2 responses to that:

  1. You don’t have to! I have put together several copycat looks and you can shop the pieces right from this blog post.

  2. You can sign up for my mailing list below, because within the next couple of months I will be teaching a Color & Prints MasterClass as well as a Personal Style Course


So are you ready to try a version of this look yourself? Unfortunately none of these pieces are available for purchase (but you can rent the blouse and skirt at Rent the Runway with your Unlimited subscription), so I scoured the interwebs looking for comparable pieces that you can mix. I will separate them by full looks so you don’t have to do much work. ;-)