White Boots after Labor Day - DO IT!

Mikaela Street Style Session - October95.jpg

Fall is officially here, y’all!! After a 90 degree day and staring at my sweaters and turtlenecks with longing, I can finally start wearing them and all my boots. This white pair is my absolute favorite! I wore them so much last Fall/Winter and here I am to convince you that you need a pair for yourself.

Why you need a pair:

  1. They can be worn with EVERYTHING. No, really, everything. Jeans and a sweater, a fly printed dress, a cute, bold skirt, even a pair of joggers!

  2. They make all of your outfits look super chic (see jeans/hoodie/blazer example below).

  3. Because who doesn’t need another pair of boots in their closet? I know I always do!

Mikaela Street Style Session - October103.jpg
All photography by  Taylor Baldwin  aka  mama.photog

All photography by Taylor Baldwin aka mama.photog

NYFW FEB 8TH48.jpg

What do you think? Will you be buying a pair of white booties this season?