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I need a break.

So I'm taking one. Sounds simple, but it took me a lot of soul searching for me to reach this point. I've felt like VΓͺtu de Joy was my *thing* - like it's what made me special, having a shop full of these gorgeous clothes, and I wasn't yet ready to give up on that. I had toyed with the idea to give it a rest while I was pregnant with Elle, which is why I took a bit of time off then as well. But I felt re-invigorated and decided to go full-steam ahead once she was a few months old. I'm realizing now, that this was just those same feelings of needing to have a *something*. You know what I mean?

So here I am, allowing myself to feel a little vulnerable, a little embarrassed, but feeling lots of relief. Trying to hold on to the business while working on my personal styling business, and building a community was just too much for me to handle on top of everything else. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted now, and I'm ready for what's next!

In the meantime, I'll be having a HUGE hiatus sale next week. The ONLY way to get the big discounts will be to join my mailing list (so you might want to click here to join if you're not already on!).

I'm looking forward to all the hand-written notes and pretty packages I'll be sending out to you guys!

Leggings ARE Pants...

  Billie Jean Moto Preggo Leggings  (I'm usually a size 6/8 and I'm wearing a L)

Billie Jean Moto Preggo Leggings
(I'm usually a size 6/8 and I'm wearing a L)

...when you're pregnant, at least.

One thing I I'd always been adamant about, was that I wouldn't wear leggings as pants. That ALL changed during this pregnancy! They are pretty much all I wear around the house, and I've been wearing them outside of the house too - to work, to events, even!

I've recently found the BEST maternity leggings ever in Preggo Leggings. Not only are they super comfortable, but they don't even *look* like leggings! I have the Billie Jean Moto pair and I am SO in love with them. The belly band is big enough to cover my 35 week belly, and while they fit nice and snug, they don't feel like they're too tight or constricting.


For this look, I paired them with a black turtleneck, layered under a printed shirt dress and vintage wool blazer. I really had intentions to not get any (or many) maternity clothes this time around, but I'm SO happy with this pair of maternity leggings. They will be easy to dress down as well, with a pair of riding boots or sneakers, a sweater, leather jacket... so many options! 

How would you wear them?


If you're looking for the perfect pair of stylish & comfy maternity pants, check out Preggo Leggings! I promise, you won't be disappointed.

All about the boots.


These boots were a Christmas gift last year, and I've only worn them a handful of times - even though I'm madly in love with them! The color, the fit (I can't say they're too comfortable, though), the fabrication... they just take any outfit to another level. I bought this dress at Zara, in a size larger than I'd normally wear, thinking that I'd later be able to either belt it or wear it open as a second layer. For today, it's the perfect non-maternity, maternity dress. :-)